A little story

14 Jun

My family and I moved to the Pacific Northwest from the Tri-Cities back in 2007 when we had an opportunity to make more money and hopefully make a better future for our family. We did make more money and along with making more money, we also spent a lot of money. We also spent a lot of money we didn’t have. Trying to keep up with out new life style, we accumulated a HUGE amount of credit card debt.  We made some other financial mistakes along the way and at the end of 2010, we found ourselves completely starting over.

Telling our family and friends what we were going through was not easy. In fact, we just didn’t talk about it. For a long time, my husband and I just kept it to ourselves, like a dirty little secret. I don’t know how many times I just wanted to confess to one of my girlfriends. Here I am writing about it, and I still can’t even say it. I remember sitting at our Girl’s Night, talking about “it”, and I just sat there quietly, with a lump in my throat, wanting to say I know what those people are going through because I’m going through it myself. It was seriously the most stressful, embarrassing, and difficult things to go through. Sitting here writing about it, still makes me choke up even though it has been almost a year ago that we lost our home. There. I said it. We lost our home. I think it’s so hard to say even now, because we still have not told a lot of our family and friends. So this will be the first time they find out, when they read this, and only if they read this, because I still don’t talk about it. I’m ashamed and embarrassed, but that is what happened.

My husband was a concrete pump operator, which is a really high paying job. But it also relies on the economy. When the economy went down, so did the hours, and so did the paychecks. He was eventually laid off in 2009. We tried to hang on for as long as we could. I know Suzie Orman said that it’s better to pay your mortgage and miss paying credit cards, but for us, our mortgage was ALL of our money. So we decided to not pay our mortgage and to keep paying for all our other debt obligations, bills, and most importantly, food for our family. We did try working with the bank to save our home, and if you have or are going through this, you know how helpful they are, right? In my opinion, that loan modification is a bunch of crap! If there even is such a thing.

So, here we are! We are renting, which after losing our home, I was glad that we found someone who would rent to us and that we got to keep our kids in the same school as the one they were attending. We were also very lucky that my husband found a job right around the time that we had to move out of our old one. He makes half of what we moved here for but for now, it pays the bills. We’ve also already paid off about $20,000 in credit card debt. We don’t have much left to go and hopefully by the end of next year I can scream, we are debt free!

So I have been wanting to share my story, and I am so glad that I am finally getting it off my chest. I know this post is pretty personal, but I thought I had to share why we have to live the way we live. I am a couponer, and I’ve helped quite a few of my friends start saving money by couponing. I know a lot of others have asked me for help and advice on how to do things for less so I thought I’d share with even more people by starting this blog. I know at times I’ll probably get a little personal, because the best way for me to express anything is through the keyboard, but you can bet that I’ll try my best to let you in on how to live on less!

Thanks for reading my first ever post!


One Response to “A little story”

  1. Joanna June 14, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Proud of you Mena!!!! 🙂 You ROCK!

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