My Coupon Organizing

15 Jun

Through the years, I’ve gone through stages with my coupon organizing. When I first started, I had a little album that I used. It was little, fit in my purse, and I could easily flip through the pages to see what coupons I had. I would recommend this method for someone who just bought the paper every once in a while.

As I accumulated more coupons, I switched to the small accordian filer method. This was for when I bought 1 paper a week.

I used this for quite a while but it was such a hassle in the store. I didn’t like how I had to pull out a whole section to flip through to find the coupon that I needed.

Now this is what I have graduated to!

A coupon binder! I absolutely love my binder! For awhile, I called it my wallet;-) When I first went out, I got a few funny looks. Like, “What does that Lady have going on”? LOL. I didn’t care. I was getting to shop and using coupons to help me pay for it! Now, I see more and more coupon binders out there and I love it! I’ve helped a few friends put one together and for a new couponer, I know it’s fun to see one, so here is how mine looks.

I use the trading card holders, each page has 9 openings. I found mine at Fred Meyer but you can find these pretty much anywhere, Staples, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree! Check Amazon too. I heard they had a great price. I started out with 7 packs and each pack had 10 pages. I actually had to grab a few more packs so I believe I have over 100 pages now!
To seperate my catagories, I use the double pocket dividers.

These work great because they are super durable. I also love that I can store extra coupons here, and while I’m shopping, if I pull a coupon out of it’s pocket and don’t want to hassle with putting it back in the pocket, I stash them here to organize later.

I keep my store coupon policies in the back in a sheet protector.

Then I take my whole binder and put it in my coupon bag.

I love my coupon bag! Well, I love that my binder is in a bag. I’m on the hunt for a different coupon bag, but this one works for now. It was free with my O magazine subscription. Heehee. Anyway, I love the coupon bag because obviously, it carries all my couponing essentials. All the coupon books I recieve in the mail and don’t feel like clipping go in here, scissors, and remember my little coupon album? Well, it is now actually my Rite Aid coupon holder. I only take that little album into Rite Aid because I usually have all my coupons pulled for my trip there. Another thing I love about the bag is I can say, “Kid’s. Go get Mom’s coupon bag!”, and I don’t have to worry about them spilling all my coupons. Love it! OK. Well that is how I do it. What method do you use? Feel free to share and even send a picture if you’d like!


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