My Week In Couponing 6/22-6/28

29 Jun

Wow! What a crazy week! I went back to work this week and my girls returned to their activities at our local YMCA. I’m am super busy when this schedule starts for us so I had to squeeze in couponing when I can. So here we go.

Did you get the Free Seattle’s Best Coffee Single Can, from the 6/5/2011 SS Insert? Well I did, and I could not find those at any of the stores near me. I was headed to the Asian Market, which is a good half hour drive for me, and I knew there was an Albertson’s right around the corner from there so I thought I would check to see if they had any in stock. Yay! They did. Well they only had 4 in the cold case and I had accumulated 14 coupons for them. So I asked someone if they had more and I was told the 4 pack was the same thing so I could just grab some of those and they would break it up for me. Wish I would of asked sooner at the Albertson’s near me, they always had the 4 packs but not the singles. Please ask before you break them up! I saw packages left on the shelf where other shoppers had already done this, I think it’s kind of rude! Just ask!

Total coupon savings= $19.46!

As I mentioned, I stopped at the Asian Market. They don’t take coupons, but if you live near one, check it out!






Herbs and some produce are a lot less expensive at the Asian Market than they are a regular stores. I needed basil one night and I spent $5 for a bunch at Winco! I know, I still cannot believe I did that. At the Asian Market, they are only $1 a bunch for all herbs which includes mint. Green onions and Cilantro are cheaper and  the limes are only $.20 each!  I did start growing some of my own herbs, which is another great alternative to expensive herbs, but…… my thumb, not so green.

Alright, back to my coupon deals! So next, I stocked up on some Crystal Light at Target.

These were on price cut for $1.97 each. I bought a total of 18 but here is how each coupon deal looked like.

Buy 3 Crystal Lights

use (3) $1/1 Crystal Light Drink Mix 6/12/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/31/2011)

and (1) $1/3 Crystal Light Drink Mix Target Printable (NLA)=$1.91 for 3 boxes! or $.64 a box! 0r only $.06 a packet! Total spent= $11.52. Total Saved=$23.94!

I did go to Albertson’s. I spent $2.72 for all of that and saved $33.07! For full details on this trip, head here.





On my way home from Albertson’s, I stopped at Walgreens. Here’s what I got.

3 Dove Men+Care bar soap $18

used (3) $4/1 Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar 6/26/2011 RP Insert (exp 7/24/2011)

Paid $6, recieved a $6 RR, so it was like getting it FREE!


Reach Design 2 pack $2.99

Used (1) $2 off Any two single packs of Reach toothbrushes OR any one multi-pack 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 8/8/2011)

Paid $.99, recieved a $2 RR, so this was a $1.01 Money Maker!

Total spent= $6.99. Total saved= $14. I know these were free or money maker’s after my RR’s, but I’m going to still list as spending $6.99. RR or any catalina’s are coupon’s and you don’t really save that money until you’ve redeemed the coupons. So don’t forget to use your catalina coupons! I’ve had friends tell me they’ve accidentally let them expire, which kills me, so they never really saved the money=(







This was at Walmart. I forgot to picture a few things but I spent

$44.08 and only used 2 coupons and saved $2. I would

normally not buy the marshmellows ($2.88!), but as my


called them, “Obnoxiously Large” marshmellows, made

my daughter so excited that I couldn’t resist. Plus, we are

camping this weekend=D

This is Target again.


Benadryl sticks $2.29 each. Used $2/1 Benadryl Topical Product 6/19/2011 RP Insert (exp 12/31/2011)=$.29 each!

Sally Hansen Beauty tools $1 each. Used $2 off of $3 or more purchase. $1 for all 3!

I can’t remember the exact prices for the polish but I I think they were $2.99 and $2.49. I used (2) $1/1 Target printable, and (2) $1/1 found on





This was at Fred Meyer. The only coupons I had were for the Goldfish which are on sale for $1 ( price good until


7-9). I got 11 bags and used (7) peelies for $.75/1, and (2) $.55/2 printables found here.


I did use a store coupon for the drinks which made them 5 for $10. The stroller, I had a raincheck for, $10. She


scanned the extra 15% Home Dept. store coupon for me so I got that for only $8.50! My total came to $39.17,


but I only paid $4.26 OOP (out of pocket) Here’s how-




Remeber all of my RR’s from Walgreens? I usually don’t go to Walgreen’s, but


on the rare occasion that I do, I redeem them at Freddie’s.


So I had


$2 RR for toothbrush


$6 RR for bar soaps


$3 Catalina from Pantene shampoo and


$3 Catalina from Safeway for buying Minut Maid.


That’s $14


I also used giftcards I earned from Fred Meyer that totalled $14.56.


So for Fred Meyer, coupon and catalina savings= $20.35!




That’s it for the week! Total Spent=$73.23 and saved=$126.82! 










3 Responses to “My Week In Couponing 6/22-6/28”

  1. christina June 29, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    How do you turn ur Walgreen points in at Freddies?

    • living on less in the northwest June 30, 2011 at 12:00 am #

      You must live where the Walgreens does the Walgreens Rewards Program. My area still gets the Register Rewards, which are catalina coupons printed at the register. They state, “manufacturer coupon” on top, and my Fred Meyer’s accepts any catalina as long as it states that..

  2. Kristin June 30, 2011 at 8:27 am #

    Very impressive! I can’t believe the Asian market had herbs for 1 buck!! I buy the fresh at Freddys, and it is EXPENSIVE! shoot, I gotta go to the Asian market! 🙂 (my garden is not doing too much this year, but I am trying basil YUM and cilantro. fingers crossed!)

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