Back To School Supplies *Stock Up Prices*

15 Jul

Funny story. My friends husband was dropping off some items for our yard sale when he noticed my school stockpile. He looked at me and said, “You’re the one that took all the $.40 crayons at Wal-mart”!  LOL. “No! I got mine for $.25 at Fred Meyer”. Him, ” Well they were all out at Walmart. Eight shelves, all gone.”  Hmmmm. Maybe it’s funnier if you were there and the one being accused of shelf clearing over crayons. Haha. My guess is that Walmart was still setting up their school section and that’s why the shelf was empty.

So my friend inspired this post. Although he was happy paying $.40 for a box of crayons, I strive for a smaller number. He has only one student to buy for. This year, not only am I buying supplies for my two older girls, but I am also purchasing supplies for myself. I’m heading back to school! I also buy extra supplies for the middle of the school year when the teacher sends a note for more school supplies. So it all adds up! Here’s my stock up price list.

24ct Crayola Crayons $.25
 glue $.25
Composition Notebooks $.25- $.50
Spiral notebooks $.15
Filler paper $.50-$.75
poster board $.25
Pencils $25.-$.50
Color pencils and markers 10pk $.75-$1
pink erasers 2pk $.25
Those are just of some of my stock up prices. I’ve only bought at Fred Meyer so far this year. They had some pretty great “Price Blaster” deals. I’m sure Walmart will be dropping prices here soon. If you are at Fred Meyer, look for this coupon near the Crayola section and you can get a free cup of Kraft Macaroni dinner with a $5 purchase of Crayola.
If you stock up on a lot of the composition notebooks and don’t like the look of them, get a little crafty and dress them up. My girls love to journal so we always stock up and dress them up ourselves.

I know it’s still July, but before you know it, the kids will be heading back to school. Buy a little at a time when certain items go on sale. We only have a few more items to go and we’ll be all done and we beat the rush=D Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer but plan ahead and spend a little less.

P.S. I only have 15 boxes of crayons, which for my two journaling, coloring, machines, is not much.

Let us know of any great back to school deals you’ve found!


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