Week 1 August Menu Plan

1 Aug

Alright, I know it’s been a little quiet here on Living On Less, life has been very busy, but I figured I better get to work on posting at least my first week’s worth of menu’s for this month. For the month of August, I am challenging myself to make as many of our meals as possible with items that are already in the freezer and pantry.

Menu Plan

1st: Leftovers. I like to make a lot of food, so you will see that every few nights, we will be having leftovers. Tonight’s selection was pizza, chicken, sticky rice, Asian bacon, and hard boiled eggs.

2nd: Cheesy Mini Burgers 






(Photo credit: Kraftfoods.com)

3rd: Roasted Chicken. I have a few recipes for roasted chicken, but I think I will be using the recipe from 100 Days Of Real Food, for this chicken. It goes in the crockpot so super easy. I have made chicken stock with the bones and it works perfect.








(photo credit: 100 Days Of Real Food)

4th: Chicken Enchiladas. I’ll be using last nights leftover chicken for this.

5th: Nacho’s

6th: BBQ. My baby turns 1 today! We will be having a big BBQ with chicken, steak, some spicy papaya salad and sticky rice.

7th: Leftover’s. I’m positive we will have leftover’s from last night

8th: Halibut

This is just my first week’s worth. I have the whole month planned but I’m making this short and sweet since I have other stuff to work on. Let me know if you are taking the “Eat From Your Pantry” challenge. If you need idea’s or help with your menu, just let me know!


2 Responses to “Week 1 August Menu Plan”

  1. Andrea Swanson August 2, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Hey Mena- Love this idea! My only problem is I very much dislike leftovers and now that is growing onto to the kids! I do make 2 week meal plans and that is how I shop too- so that helps me to save. I have an awesome recipe that you could probably pull everything from the pantry from.It is just like a quiche but I bake in a bigger casserole dish:

    5-8 large eggs
    3/4 cup light cream or half and half
    1 1/2 cup shredded cheese (any kind)
    2 cups chopped brocolli, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, peas ( any leftover veggies will work)
    2 cups diced or ground sausage, ham, turkey, bacon ( again, whatever leftover meat you have)
    Old bread -to crumble and top over casserole- ( I use stale english muffins or bread)

    sautee all the veggies, put into casserole dish, pour egg/cream mixture, add cheese and mix around, top with bread crumbs and more cheese. Bake for 30-45 minutes until firm.

    I love this recipe because it is super easy and it is a great way for the kiddos to get their veggies! I serve for dinner or breakfast, with just some fruit.

    I hope you like! More recipes to come
    Andrea 🙂

    • Mena August 2, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      Thanks for the recipe! I do have all of that on hand so that’ll be a good back up in case I don’t feel like having what is planned;-) As for leftovers, our family luckily, does not mind it. We also have it for lunch to so there’s no need to plan lunches. I would suggest knowing how much your family will eat and only make enough for that nights dinner. I don’t know if you consider this leftovers, but sometimes I make extra and I freeze the meal for another nights dinner. For example, some casserole recipes are too big for our family so I just bake half and freeze half for later. This helps on those busy night when I need a quick dinner.

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