Coupon Lingo

12 Aug

I like to use coupon talk to make it faster. Not sure what I’m saying? Here’s what I’m talking about;-)

RP= Red Plum

SS= SmartSource

PG= Proctor & Gamble

Q= Coupons

OYNO= On Your Next Order

WYB= When You Buy

BOGO= Buy 1 Get 1

YMMV= Your Mileage May Vary, also means it may or may not work for you

Catalina or Cat= coupon’s printed at the register’s

Register Rewards or RR =Recieved at Walgreens, basically a Catalina coupon

+up Reward= Coupon’s printed at the end of your Rite Aid reciepts to be used on OYNO

Roll= using your Cat or +up rewards you’ve recieved from one purchase to pay for your next purchase

MM or Money Maker= Coupon value is over the item price or you’ll recieve a Cat back in amount over price of item.

Blinkie= Little coupon machines that dispense coupons

OOP= Out Of Pocket

Stacking coupons = Using an in-store coupon with a manufacturer coupon to increase your savings.

TTV or Doubler’s= Twice The Value coupon’s that Albertson’s releases. I also call them doubler’s.

MIR= Mail In Rebate

These are not all of them either! I will keep adding as I go. Feel free to let me know some of yours and I can add them.




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