My Week In Couponing 6/14-6/21

WooHoo! Well in case you didn’t know, Living On Less, has just finished it’s first official week! This has been a lot of fun and I am learning a lot about blogging, and I’m glad I get to share great deals with you and hopefully have helped you save some money. I just decided it would be fun to share with you what deals and finds I actually get each week and please, feel free to email me with yours! So this week, I won’t have everything I got because, like I said, I just thought of this so here is what I do have to share.

 Hmmmm. I’m starting to wonder if I just created more work for myself.LOL
Anyway I posted what I spent on the Pantene and the Minute maid deals earlier in the week, but in cased you missed it, I paid $3.66 for two Pantene’s and got back a $3 CAT OYNO coupon so like paying $.33 each. For the Minute Maid I paid $9.98 and also got a $3 CAT OYNO coupon. So like paying $6.98 for the 4 cases and 2 bags of chips.
OK. So let’s break down all the other stuff.
The Brawny I actually had a raincheck for those at Fred Meyer. $4.99 for a package of 8.
I had a $2 e-coupon that I loaded to my Fred Meyer card and also had a $1.25 CAT coupon found in the coupon exchange bin in front of  the store. So I paid $6.73 for both packages.
The GoldFish crackers I also got at Fred Meyer. $1 each. I had (4) $.75 off peelies on the packages fo I paid $1 for 4!
Glade sent me  a coupon for a Free spring item, so I grabbed the spray at Fred Meyer’s so I could build up my rewards points. so FREE.
 The Otter Pops $3.49, I got for $.50 at Rite Aid. I had some +up rewards that were about to expire and my little one was begging me, so I figured, why not?!
Paper plate were also from Rite Aid, I had a raincheck. We also got 2 bottles of hand sanitizers and 2 handsanitizers on carabeters for the girls. With all my expiring +up rewards. I only spent $1.01 there.
OK. Now on to Target!
These Target coupons are NLA, but I found two shirts on clearance for $5 each and I used the (2) $2 off Target coupons and the Sunglasses were $7.99, I also used a  $2  Target coupon. So $11.99 for all 3.
Country Time Lemonade mix. On price cut till 6/25 for $1.97
The Humming bird feeder was 50% off at $5.98 and I got the plastic platnters for $1.74 each. I planted a few things 2 weeks ago and they’re still alive! LOL. 
Yes. The Humming bird feeder is missing. Hubby just hung it up=D
I also did a little Walmart shopping. I got 4 boxes of Nexcare bandages $1 each, all for free with this Nexcare Coupon.
With just everything I pictured, I only spent $23.10! I saved wayyyyyyy more than that! I still also have $6 in CAT’s to spend. Next week, I will hopefully be more detailed in my spending and saving. So what all did you get this week?
P.S. In case you’re wondering, I have not had to do a major grocery shop yet this month! My freezer and pantry are pretty well stocked! I did buy fresh produce on my Fred Meyer trip and I even used a $2 off coupon for produce that I got with my Fred Meyers reward rebate coupons.

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