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DIY Camping Ideas

30 Jun

Well I am excited to say that I will be busy packing for our camping trip this weekend so I will be out and not posting anything. I did however want to share a couple thrifty ideas related to camping before I sign off and not return to the computer.

First, I was going through our cooking items and was making sure we had all spices and seasonings we might need for the weekend. We usually buy the spices from Costco and I didn’t really want to pack the huge bottles. My solution?

 Baby food jar! I used a label maker and Voila! If you don’t have a baby, ask to see if your friends with babies  could save you a few jars. 

My next thrifty idea, I’m actually quite excited about=D

First you’ll need one of these.

Mine was the 29.2 oz size. It will need to be empty. If you haven’t drank all the coffee yet, just transfer to another container.

Next cut a slit long enought for toilet paper.

Then thread the TP in the slit and put roll of TP in container.

Put the lid back on and once again, Voila! You’ve got yourself a TP holder for camping!

=D Heehee! A little silly but this makes me so giddy! Oh, my hubby didn’t put the slit where I wanted him to but I’m glad he didn’t. He put it opposite of the handles so you can hold and pull;-)

I know there are lots of other ideas for camping out there so if there’s anything you want to share, please feel free to!

Well that’s it! Like I said, I will be away making memories with my family and friends. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Independence Day!

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